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What should you do if you suspect phishing
What should you do if you suspect phishing
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We empathize with the profound impact of falling prey to a scam, and our foremost priority is to extend our utmost support.

Regrettably, in many instances, recovering lost funds from a scam can pose a challenge for SAPI. Nonetheless, our dedication to combating phishing is unwavering, and we collaborate with third-party organizations to dismantle fraudulent websites whenever feasible.

Should you suspect that you've been targeted by a phishing attempt, we strongly encourage you to initiate contact with our friendly Customer Service representatives. You can effortlessly reach out to us at [email protected]. Rest assured, we're committed to collaborating with you to investigate the situation and provide any necessary assistance.

Furthermore, we advocate for promptly reporting the incident to Action Fraud, which serves as the UK's primary hub for reporting cases of fraud and cybercrime.

Time is of the essence if you find yourself ensnared in a scam. Don't delay in reaching out to us or contacting Action Fraud. Your swift action empowers us to implement the requisite measures to safeguard you and preempt similar scams from affecting others. Your well-being and security remain paramount, and we're dedicated to standing by your side throughout this endeavour.

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