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What documentation are acceptable for submission?
What documentation are acceptable for submission?
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At SAPI, our approach primarily hinges on partnerships to facilitate the acquisition of essential documentation and pertinent information needed for extending a loan to you. Nonetheless, to ensure comprehensive verification checks during the application process, we kindly request your cooperation in submitting specific documents.

The requested documents may encompass:

  1. Valid Government-Issued Identification: Examples include a passport or driver's license.

  2. Proof of Residency or Citizenship: To establish your affiliation with the country in which your business operates.

  3. Proof of Address: A recent utility bill serves as appropriate documentation.

  4. Income Documentation: This could take the form of accounting or tax filings spanning the last 12 months.

  5. Statements from Current Outstanding Loans: To gain insight into your current financial commitments.

  6. Bank Statements: Offering a glimpse into your financial transactions.

Should you seek clarification concerning the precise documents required, please feel at liberty to connect with us. We're dedicated to offering the guidance and support you need throughout this process. Your comfort and understanding are pivotal to us.

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