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Are there any charges applied on default?

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In the unfortunate event of a loan default, the Total Amount Payable becomes immediately due upon request. This encompasses both the outstanding principal and the loan fee. It's noteworthy that SAPI loans bear no interest, which serves as an assurance that you needn't be apprehensive about spiraling into a cycle of debt.

While the prospect of financial challenges can't be ruled out, rest assured that we remain steadfast in collaborating with you to pinpoint a resolution that paves the way for a recovery. In select cases, there might be collection fees involved, assessed on an individual basis to ensure fairness.

Our prime objective revolves around furnishing you with the requisite support to adeptly manage your loan responsibilities and uphold a favourable financial position. Should queries or concerns about your loan experience surface, we invite you to engage with us without hesitation. Your success and well-being hold paramount importance to us, and we're resolute in our commitment to standing by your side throughout your journey

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