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What is a pre-default notice?

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A pre-default notice serves as a crucial alert indicating that your loan is currently overdue by at least 61 days, and there's a risk of default should another payment be missed. Our intention is to provide you with ample time and information to steer your loan back on course and effectively handle your repayment responsibilities.

In this context, the pre-default notice offers a grace period of no less than two weeks, affording you the opportunity to make your upcoming full contractual payment. Should you successfully meet this payment within the specified timeframe, your account will remain unaffected.

Nevertheless, should circumstances prevent you from making the full repayment within the stipulated duration and your loan's arrears reach 90 days, a default unfortunately becomes imminent. We're fully cognizant of unforeseen challenges that may impede timely payments and encourage you to promptly communicate with us should difficulties arise. Our commitment to assisting you is unwavering, and we're prepared to collaborate on exploring alternative repayment avenues that may be viable.

Our foremost objective is to empower you in the effective management of your loan responsibilities while nurturing a favourable financial status. Should queries or concerns arise, please don't hesitate to engage with us. We're dedicated to guiding you toward success and ensuring your financial well-being throughout your journey with us.

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