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Looking for another loan offer?

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At SAPI, we understand that you may be interested in receiving another loan offer, and we're here to provide some helpful information on how this process works.

Please note that all SAPI accounts, including those with an active loan, are reviewed for eligibility on a daily basis. If your business is currently repaying a loan, you may become eligible for another offer without needing to contact us or provide any additional information. Simply keep doing business as usual, and SAPI will automatically reevaluate your eligibility.


We can’t predict when your business will be eligible for another loan offer, and offers are not guaranteed. SAPI will automatically reevaluate your business’s eligibility, but there is no magic number for when another offer will be available. Remember, each business is different, and all accounts are reviewed independently. Each loan offer is specific to the business and account evaluated for the offer.

Loan offer details, as well as the timing of eligibility, may differ from your current SAPI loan, as each loan offer is unique and evaluated separately.

Loan Offer Notification

If your business is eligible for another loan offer through SAPI, you will be notified by email, and the offer will appear in the Loans tab of your SAPI Dashboard. We primarily communicate with you about offers through your SAPI Dashboard, so remember to check it regularly.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with loan offers, please feel free to chat with us. We're always here to help!

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