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Can I change my repayment rate after I accept my offer?

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At SAPI, our commitment revolves around furnishing you with transparent and unequivocal insights into our lending process. Our ultimate aim is to empower you to make well-informed decisions. It's essential to reiterate that your repayment rate is meticulously determined, taking into account various parameters like your business's history and payment processing volume. Once you've submitted your loan application, modifications to the repayment rate become impractical.

Recognising the unforeseen twists that life can present, we extend a welcoming invitation to connect with our customer service team should any concerns about your repayment rate arise. Your peace of mind is a priority, and we're poised to address any inquiries or uncertainties you may have. Our goal is to ensure your journey with SAPI is characterised by positivity and success, and we stand ready to provide the support you need every step of the way.


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